Roll out grass

Roll out grass

The lawn is particularly important in professional garden design. At P&D Paving and Landscaping, we can lay as much lawn as you want in your garden and match everything to the rest of the garden design.


We provide professional roll out grass services to build your lawn the way is should be created – to absolut perfection.
We use the straightest line in the garden and ensure that all the joints are staggered like brick work. Using the butt of the rolls together we make a seemless garden without stretching the layout as this will cause problems later – when the turf establishes, as it will shrink and leave gaps in the lawn.

We use boards to walk across the lawn to prevent footprints piercing the new lawn and when finishing your new lawn we do not use small pieces to fit in the gaps.
Full rolls and cut inside the overlap.

These points are just some of the points we use to ensure that your new garden, using roll out grass, is finished to one standard only – absolute perfection.

Speak to P & D Paving and Landscaping today for roll out grass projects or any landscaping / paving project – we are here to help, always.

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