Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted concrete

This technique is used to give normal concrete walls a nice structure, for example, making the wall look like a stone wall without having to use stones. Our employees at P&D Paving and Landscaping already have a lot of experience with this technique and we can also beautify your concrete walls!


Imprinted Concrete Services
Offering one of the most comprehensive range of imprinted concrete services throughout Dublin and surrounding areas, you are guaranteed to find just what you’re looking for with our exclusive range of patterns and colours.

We specialise in the installation of patterned imprint concrete driveways, patios and walls. We do this for affordable prices to meet the needs of all. Patterned imprinted concrete is currently one of the most practical and affordable ways to improve the appearance of your garden, business or driveway to give a fantastic look at an affordable price.
At P & D paving and landscaping, we also offer a repair service to existing pattern imprinted concrete surfaces and can easily repair or reseal all types of imprinted surfaces. Pattern imprinted driveways have many advantages over the traditional methods as imprinted concrete walls and driveways can be designed to compliment your current styling.
Imprinted concrete is so versatile, and it is what makes this type of concrete a popular choice today. We can incorporate intricate designs, with a wide array of finishes and applications that will transform your driveway or wall into a work of Art, while lasting the test of time.

The beauty of imprinted concrete is that it can be printed / stamped concrete and moulded into any shape to fit your needs or creative ideas.
We are one of the leading installers of imprinted concrete driveways in Dublin and can work with an extensive range of colour’s and styles to meet your individual requirements.


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